Dry Itchy Hair And Its Causes

There are many factors and causes to dryness of hair texture, where sometimes, hair does not produce enough oil. Eventually dry hair and scalp will lead to unpleasant dandruff flakes.

No idea what are the reasons to these irritating flakes and dry hair? Read on.

Overwashing your hair.

Ever thought of how overwashing could ultimately strip away your hair’s natural oils? Hair that is a day old would style better and generally looks better than freshly-washed hair. If you want to freshen up your locks in between shampoos, use a dry shampoo. A great alternative to dry shampoo would be patting your scalp with baby talcum, which immediately reduces the visible look of oily hair while bringing you that extra hair volume.

Application of chemicals.


We agree that almost 80% of people in this world would have had their hair chemically transformed through colouring and styling based on latest trends. By this we mean application of chemicals such as hair dyes, bleaches, perms and even relaxers. It may be appealing to have vibrant coloured hair, but way too much use of chemically induced products onto your scalp and hair may ultimately cause the unnecessary damages over time.

Overexposure of sun.

Summer may be the best season of all times for sun-kissed skin and perfect beach wavy hair. Little did you know, having overexposure of sunlight will likely cause thinning of hair, weakened strands of hair and frizzing up the natural hair texture. Even if you have given up on tanning, chances are your hair is still exposed to UV rays, which can remove the strength and elasticity of your hair. The next time you visit the beach, pack your hat to prevent yourself from these damaging rays.

Daily styling with the use of heat.

Whether it’s the hair dryer, hair straightener or a styling curler, all these contain excessive heat that will remove your hair’s natural moisture. There are many safe ways to style your hair using non-heating methods. To obtain natural waves, tie your hair into braids to leave it on for the whole night.


How to fix the damage?

Having dandruff can be quite a bummer, but it’s actually safe to your health. The dandruff is known as a cosmetic problem among men and women, and even children. With the use of shampoo for dry scalp, it works as a dandruff treatment to lessen the amount of itching and reduce the flakiness.

Even though washing your hair constantly may cause damages, you can choose to use shampoo for dry hair which does not contain chemical ingredients that causes dryness. After washing your hair, always use a moisturizing hair conditioner to help smoothen out the hair strands. Just mark one day of your week for a conditioning mask treatment for silkier hair. You can even use a 2 in 1 shampoo conditioner to make your life easier.

For home remedies on dandruff treatment, watch this video for more insights.


Dry hair and scalp is curable if cared correctly. So don’t give up just yet and take note of these points to add into your daily routine. Soon enough you will notice the visible improvements of healthy, moisturised hair and scalp that you wished for. For more information, check out this article.

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